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Unum Disability Claim Denials


Unum Group is one of the largest and most high-profile disability insurance companies in the country.  It also has a reputation as being one of the most unscrupulous insurance providers when it comes to disability claims.  Going back at least two decades, Unum has been accused of claim-cutting.  Former Unum employees have come forward to say that they were told to deny meritorious claims simply to avoid a payout, despite the policyholder having every right to coverage.  If you have an Unum insurance policy and you are wrongfully denied the disability benefits to which you are entitled, you have the right to fight back.

Savvy policyholders call an attorney to help them with an Unum disability claim denial.  Clients who want to get maximum coverage call Gianelli & Morris.  Our California insurance bad faith law firm has decades of experience working exclusively in the area of insurance law.  We’ve fought for countless individuals who’ve been denied the benefits due under their policies. Call us if you’re having trouble getting the benefits you need and deserve under your Unum disability insurance policy. We’ll fight to see you get the benefits you’re entitled to.

Who is Unum?

Unum Group is one of the largest insurance companies in the country.  They provide both private individual disability insurance (IDI) and Group (ERISA) LTD long-term disability insurance policies, and they own many other insurance providers across the country that may still operate under different names.  Companies under their umbrella include Colonial, First Unum, Paul Revere, Provident, Fairwind, and Northwind, among others.  You might not even know that you have an Unum insurance policy or a disability policy administered by Unum.

Unum has faced legal challenges as a result of its wrongful claim denials and bad faith tactics since at least the early 2000s.  They have employed a variety of bad faith maneuvers over the years, including using in-house or biased medical staff to support the denial of claims, hiring private investigators and using inappropriate surveillance to monitor claimants, and denied many claims based on an intentional misreading of their own policies.

When Can a Dedicated Disability Claim Denial Lawyer Help You?

The UNUM claim denial attorneys at Gianelli & Morris are prepared to help clients with their insurance denial cases.

We help clients of disability insurance denial issues, including:

  • During an investigation, when the insurer is delaying the investigation by using stalling tactics, requesting onerous information and document dumps, or by simply failing to communicate at all;
  • After denial, to assist with an internal appeal;
  • Helping clients who have already filed an appeal;
  • When it is time to file a lawsuit against Unum.

Let Our Bad Faith Insurance Denial Team Help You Get the Benefits You Deserve

We help clients get the benefits they deserve under their Unum disability insurance policies.  We strongly recommend securing qualified legal help after you have been denied or experience delays or problems with your claim.  There are specific time limits for filing an appeal, which, if missed, could strip a policyholder of the right to appeal at all.

Reach Out to Gianelli & Morris for Unum Disability Claim Denials in California

For help with a denial of your Unum disability claim or other long-term disability insurance issues, call the California insurance lawyers Gianelli & Morris at 213-489-1600 for a no-cost, confidential consultation.  We’ll take the time to evaluate your situation and let you know how we can help.

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