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How Can a Life Insurance Company Deny Your Claim due to Lapse of Coverage?

Life insurance companies, like all insurance providers, are constantly looking for any reason to limit a payout or deny a claim. If they cannot find a justification under the language of the policy to deny a claim, they might look for a reason to invalidate the policy itself. They may point to the life... Read More »

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How Life Insurance Companies Deny a Claim Using Material Misrepresentation

Life insurance companies will grasp at any reason they can find to deny a payout under one of their policies. If they can find a coverage exclusion, they will use it. If there is no exclusion, the insurance provider may utilize other strategies to avoid paying out on a claim, including by claiming that... Read More »

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What Should I Do if My Insurance Company Rescinds My Policy?

Insurance companies have a deep bag of tricks to pull from when trying to get out of paying out on a claim. In some instances, rather than deny a claim on the merits, the company may inform policyholders or beneficiaries that the policy itself has been “rescinded.” Like a claim denial, a policy rescission... Read More »

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Can I Sue my Health Insurance Company for Pain and Suffering?

When your health insurance company wrongfully denies coverage, the denial hurts more than just your wallet. You are effectively prevented from getting the treatment that you need for your illness or injury. You could end up having to pay out of pocket, or you may be forced to forego treatment entirely. If your claim... Read More »

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Top Reasons a Disability Claim is Denied

Whether you are seeking short-term disability (STD) or long-term disability (LTD) insurance coverage, your insurance provider is obligated to pay out on proper claims that fall within the policy’s coverage. If your disability claim is rejected, you have the right to know why, and you have the right to challenge their decision. Below, our... Read More »

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Are Accidental Death Policies the Same as Life Insurance?

Insurance is a complicated field, not the least because the insurance companies work so hard to make it confusing. The less consumers know about the industry, the more power insurers have in issuing policies and recommendations, and in making determinations about coverage. Many of the different types of insurance seem to overlap. One question... Read More »

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Why Do Insurance Companies Deny Claims

Insurance is a business. Regardless of whatever your insurance provider claims in their commercials or marketing materials, their number one priority is their bottom line. Unfortunately, that means that insurance companies are often looking for any reason they can find to deny a claim. Providers may have legitimate reasons to deny health insurance claims,... Read More »

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Was Your Long-Term Disability Insurance Claim Rejected?

As a doctor, a lawyer, or other licensed professional, you worked hard and invested a great deal of time and money to get the schooling and training you needed to practice your profession and achieve the high income you deserve. Just in case the worst should come to pass, you pay a significant premium... Read More »

Lawsuit Seeks Class Action Against Health Insurer for Alleged Improper Denial of Coverage of Pain Management Device

California insurance law firm Gianelli & Morris filed a class-action lawsuit against Anthem, Inc., alleging a violation of policy rights and breach of fiduciary duty for blanket denials of coverage for percutaneous neuromodulation therapy (PNT) devices. On June 4, 2020, the California insurance law firm Gianelli & Morris filed a class-action lawsuit in the... Read More »

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How to Sue a Health Insurance Company

If your health insurance provider denies your claim for coverage, whether in advance of a procedure or afterward when you seek reimbursement, you do not have to simply accept their judgment. You have the right to appeal their denial, and, under certain circumstances, you may file a lawsuit directly against the insurance provider for... Read More »

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