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Accidental Death Insurance Denial: What to Do if Your Claim Was Denied?

Accidental death and dismemberment insurance is a helpful supplement to a standard life insurance policy. Like other insurance claims, however, accidental death claims are often subject to denials for improper reasons and unjustifiable interpretations of the facts and the policies. Below, we discuss accidental death claims and what to do if your claim was... Read More »

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Insurance Policy Lapsed Prior to Insurered’s Death

Insurance companies often deny life insurance claims because a policy has lapsed for nonpayment of premium before the policyholder dies. If, however, the insurance company did not comply with California’s laws on giving notice of nonpayment, the policy remains in force and any death claim that may arise must be paid. It is not... Read More »

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How Standard Insurance Company Has a Pattern and Practice of Wrongfully Denying Life Insurance Policies

Standard Insurance Company is a national insurance and financial services company. They sell individual and group life insurance, among other things, to millions of people and employers across the country. Standard Insurance is the prototypical big insurance company, doing everything in its power to maximize profits at the expense of policyholders and beneficiaries. A... Read More »

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How Standard Insurance Company Denies Life insurance Claims

Standard Insurance Company, a.k.a. Standard Life Insurance Company (The Standard) is a national insurance company with disability, dental, and life insurance policies covering more than 8 million Americans. They have billions in assets and thousands of employees. Part of how they maintain such profitability? Stingily denying life insurance claims and other insurance payouts, whether... Read More »

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Aetna Penalized for Denying Cancer Coverage

It’s hard to imagine that anyone would disagree with the necessity of cancer treatments prescribed by trained oncologists to treat life-threatening cancer. Unfortunately, insurance carriers like Aetna are always looking for a way to protect their bottom line, even if that means denying coverage for life-saving treatments. Not so long ago, Aetna was hit... Read More »

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What Does Material Misrepresentation Mean in the Context of Life Insurance?

Insurance companies often throw around opaque legal terminology without explaining their full meaning and context. Many policies, for example, state that coverage is void in the case of a “material misrepresentation,” but they do not specify what might constitute such a misrepresentation. The policy might even go so far as to state that a... Read More »

Lawsuit Alleges Insurance Company Has a Practice of Denying Life Insurance Claims Contrary to Law

Standard Insurance Company sued for denying accidental death benefits by claiming a heart condition contributed to the death and excluded the loss from payment On July 27, 2021, the California insurance law firm Gianelli & Morris filed a complaint in Los Angeles County Superior Court against Standard Insurance Company and the City of Los... Read More »

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Is PTSD a Disability?

The growing consensus in the medical field is unequivocal: Mental health is physical health. Having poor mental health can be just as debilitating, and just as dangerous, as having a physical ailment. Unfortunately, demonstrating a mental illness for insurance coverage and other medical benefits can be more difficult than proving a physical injury. Not... Read More »

Class Action Lawsuit Against Health Insurance Company Alleging Improper Denial of Coverage for Necessary Medical Treatment

California insurance law firm Gianelli & Morris filed a complaint against Anthem, Inc. for improperly issuing blanket denials of coverage for the Coflex medical device to treat lumbar spinal stenosis. On July 29, 2021, the California insurance law firm Gianelli & Morris filed a class action complaint in the United States District Court for... Read More »

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What Are Independent Medical Exams (IME)?

If you are trying to obtain short-term or long-term disability benefits from your insurance company, you will likely need to jump through a variety of hoops. All of these requirements are meant to be barriers to your obtaining the disability coverage you paid for. Often, claimants and benefits recipients are asked to attend an... Read More »

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