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Common Questions and Concerns – FAQ

At our firm, we know that many policyholders are unsure if they even have legal backing to fight against an insurance company. It is important to look at frequently asked questions when considering whether or not you should pursue litigation. The following are a few of the most common questions we approach when dealing with insurance cases.

Have You Been Denied Insurance Coverage?

If you have filed a claim, but received notification that your provider will not cover your request, it is important to look closer at the situation. First of all, you must check back with your contract and ensure that the service you are requesting was a part of the original agreement. If it was not then the insurance company must not be expected to pay the claim. In cases where it was a part of your contract, then it is necessary that you appeal the claim. Should your insurer deny your coverage again, it is critical that you pursue legal action. They are committing an illegal action and breaching your contract with them. Under the Unfair Practice Act, it is against the law for them to withhold any form of payment due to you. It is highly recommended that you obtain an attorney in order to help you with the litigation process and ensure your rights are protected.

Has Your Insurance Company Been Deceptive?

When going to collect a claim from your insurer, are they claiming that you never filled out paperwork? Or perhaps they are stating that your policy has expired or previously been cancelled. These are all reasons they hand out to policyholders to make them seem that it is their fault that they cannot receive coverage. In fact, it is merely a deceptive scheme on the part of the insurance provider. They are experts at providing excuses for why your claim cannot be paid. In reality, these insurers just do not want to pay out what they owe since it causes them to lose profits. They are not following through on their side of the commitment. Allow a legal representative to fight for your rights and get you the results you want.

Have You Invested Time and Money in an Insurance Policy?

As a loyal policyholder, you have given your hard earned money to your insurance company for years. Paying your premiums on time so that you do not get penalized, you expect that you should have no problem filing a claim. If you have jumped through all their hoops and paid everything they have asked of you, you are entitled to fair and just treatment. According to national laws intended to protect insured individuals, it is their legal obligation to pay claims as they come in. After all that you have invested in your policy, don’t you think you deserve them to follow through on their end of the bargain? An attorney in the Los Angeles area can help you pursue legal action if your time has been taken advantage of or your money wasted.

Have You Been Treated Unfairly by Your Insurance Company?

Unjust behavior from your insurance provider is more than just unethical; it can hinder you both financially and in general regards to your well-being. There are a myriad of items that can qualify as unfair treatment such as breaking their promises to you, failure to disclose important information about your policy, not investigating your claims, discarding your paperwork, and other actions of disrespect. These are considered illegal and can be fought in a court of law. Seek out an insurance lawyer today to find out more about how they can help you.

Still have questions?

If you believe you have a valid claim and would like to take action against your insurance company, get in touch with one of the legal professionals at Gianelli & Morris today. We have more than 40 years of experience providing top-quality service to our clients. Whether your case involves health insurance, life insurance, or anything in between, we have the knowledge needed to provide counsel on your options and guide you through the process of filing a claim.

Call one of our Los Angeles insurance lawyers to learn more!


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