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Standard Insurance Company Disability Denial

If The Standard Denied Your Long-Term or Short-Term Disability Claim, We Can Help!

If you have been disabled due to illness or injury, the last thing you need is a protracted legal battle with your insurance company.  Whether you have a policy through your employer or you purchased your disability insurance separately, you should at least be able to rely on the coverage you were guaranteed while you work to right the rest of your life.  For-profit disability insurance providers like The Standard, unfortunately, are always looking for any reason to deny or limit both short-term and long-term disability claims.

At Gianelli & Morris, we know how insurance companies operate.  We know the types of claims they make, the evidence they find persuasive, and the games that they play.  We will not rest until you get the short-term or long-term disability coverage you are owed under your policy.  If The Standard engages in bad faith tactics, we will help you bring a claim for additional damages and other remedies to ensure that justice is done.

Who is The Standard?

Standard Insurance Company (known as The Standard) is a subsidiary of StanCorp Financial Group, which is a Fortune 100 company that regularly partners with Minnesota Mutual Life Insurance Company.  They have more than 8.5 million policyholders in the United States, including group and individual disability, group life, AD&D, and dental insurance.  They are one of the largest insurance providers in the country.  In 2018 alone, The Standard collected more than $3 billion in insurance premiums.

Make no mistake:  The Standard is in the business of selling policies and collecting premiums, not paying for insurance coverage.  If you become disabled, The Standard might do everything in their power to avoid paying you the benefits you are owed.  They could point out every possible error or missing piece of information in your claim, rely on their own hired gun doctors to call into question your medical evidence, and stretch the language of their policies beyond understanding to find a reason to deny a claim.  The disability insurance attorneys at Gianelli & Morris are ready to hold The Standard to task for a wrongful claim denial.

The Standard Owes You a Duty

If you have a disability insurance policy issued by The Standard, then they owe you certain legal duties.  For instance, they must act in accordance with the duty of good faith and fair dealing.  That means that when they review a policy claim, they must do so with an eye toward fairness and a willingness to pay out on any legitimate claim.  They cannot gin up a fake pretense in order to deny a payout, and they cannot manufacture absurd and illegitimate reasons to deny your claims. If you are owed benefits under the policy, they must pay.

If The Standard fails to explain a denial, if they engage in stalling tactics, if they reject the evidence from medical professionals or the clear language in their policies, then they are likely guilty of bad faith.  At Gianelli & Morris, we are well-versed in holding insurance companies like The Standard to task for bad faith insurance conduct.

Get Help Fighting a Standard Disability Denial

Experiencing a disability is already a traumatizing and frustrating process for any person, even without the added stress of having to fight with an insurance company.  If you or someone you care about is facing the prospect of disability, or if your claim has already been denied, you need the right legal team on your side.  The disability claim denial team at Gianelli & Morris has the experience, dedication, and tenacity to make sure that your insurance provider pays you the coverage they owe.  We do not let insurance companies get away with unjust denials, stalling, or other bad faith tactics.  Let us protect your rights so you can move on with your life.

Call our Los Angeles-based insurance denial law firm today at 213-489-1600 for a free consultation.

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