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Was Your Monarch Disability or Life Insurance Claim Denied?

The Passionate Insurance Denial Attorneys at Gianelli & Morris are Here for You

Insurance companies come and go like any other business.  Unlike many other businesses, however, when you purchase a life or disability insurance policy, you are specifically paying for something intended to last long-term.  Your premiums are an investment in the long-term viability of the policy.  Regardless of whether an insurance company is facing financial issues of its own, you are still owed the benefits that you paid for.

Moreover, even legacy companies like Monarch Life can be just as comfortable pulling the same shady tricks as more active insurance companies.  Monarch might look for any reason to deny a claim for coverage, whether the reason is legitimate or entirely fabricated.  If your Monarch Life claim has been wrongfully denied, or if you have been subjected to bad faith insurance conduct by Monarch or another insurance company, you can rely on the experienced and professional insurance denial attorneys at Gianelli & Morris for assistance.  Call our California insurance bad faith and wrongful insurance denial legal team to find out if you might have grounds for an insurance denial appeal or a bad faith claim.

Who is Monarch Life?

Monarch Life Insurance Company is a Massachusetts-based insurance company.  For many years, Monarch issued variable life and disability insurance policies.  In 1992, Monarch ceased its life and annuity business.  In 1993, it stopped writing new disability insurance policies.  The company has been in rehabilitation since 1994.  As of now, the company is in receivership, under the supervision of the Massachusetts Division of Insurance.  Receivership is a form of corporate bankruptcy.

Although Monarch is not doing new business, many Monarch policies are still active and valid.  Whenever a policyholder triggers their life or disability policy, Monarch is still obligated to pay out.  If you have an old policy with Monarch, their financial situation is no excuse for the company to refuse to pay owed benefits.

How Does Monarch Life Try to Deny Valid Claims?

Monarch Life might not be issuing new policies, but they are perfectly at home denying claims on existing policies just like any other insurance company.  Monarch and other insurance companies constantly try any tactic they can employ to either reject a claim, limit benefit payouts, settle low, or simply wear down a policyholder until they give up.  Tactics that Monarch and other insurance companies use to browbeat policyholders or otherwise generate reasons to deny a full payout include:

  • Requiring “independent medical examinations” by doctors who are not qualified in the appropriate field and/or who have ties to the insurance company

  • Refusing to talk to your treating physicians, or trying to catch your physicians off guard with “gotcha” questions after failing to make an appointment

  • Conducting surveillance on claimants, including by hiring private investigators, in order to find evidence to minimize the claimant’s injury or disability

  • Repeatedly requesting numerous documents that are unnecessary and even duplicative of documents already provided to bully a claimant into settling

  • Stalling an investigation to make a claimant more desperate to settle

These are not the only bad faith tactics employed by insurance companies, but any one may give grounds for an insurance bad faith claim.  Talk to the insurance denial and insurance bad faith attorneys at Gianelli & Morris about your claim and the conduct of your insurance company to find out if you are being treated unlawfully.

Call Gianelli & Morris for Help After a Monarch Life Insurance Denial

If your short-term disability, long-term disability, life insurance, or health insurance claim has been denied, you have the right to object. A dedicated and effective insurance claim denial attorney can help you push back. We fight for the coverage our clients paid for, and we work to hold disability, health, and life insurance companies liable when they reject claims for unlawful reasons. We help injured Californians with life insurance claims, health insurance claims, short-term and long-term disability claims, insurance denial appeals, and bad faith insurance claims.

If you have been injured or have become disabled and need help pursuing a claim with Monarch Life, or if you are seeking to appeal a disability or life insurance denial from Monarch or another insurance company in California, contact the passionate and talented Los Angeles insurance denial lawyers at Gianelli & Morris for a no-cost evaluation of your claim at 213-489-1600.

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