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Metlife Disability Claim Denial Lawyer

Was Your Metlife Disability Claim Denied?

Gianelli & Morris is Here to Help You Get the Benefits You Are Owed from Metropolitan Life

Millions of people across the country apply for disability benefits each year.  Large insurance providers reject nearly half of those claims.  Insurance companies like Metropolitan Life Insurance Company are concerned first and foremost with their own bottom line.  They will look for any reason to deny a claim or limit a payout.  When your disability claims are wrongfully denied, you have the right to fight back.  We can help.

The California disability insurance and bad faith insurance attorneys at Gianelli & Morris are here to protect your rights and fight for the coverage you are owed.  Find out if you’re a good candidate to appeal a wrongful disability insurance denial or file a bad faith insurance claim by contacting the Los Angeles offices of Gianelli & Morris for a free consultation.

Who is Metropolitan Life?

Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, often called MetLife, is one of the biggest providers of insurance products in the United States and worldwide.  They offer a broad range of products including life insurance, short-term disability, and long-term disability insurance.  They have been around for 150 years, they have approximately 90 million customers around the world, and they are the 43rd-largest corporation in the United States.

MetLife has a known history of poor treatment of policyholders and customers.  In January 2019, for example, New York regulators fined MetLife nearly $20 million for mishandling and misplacing thousands of pension claims from clients, and ordered MetLife to pay millions owed to those customers.  If MetLife has engaged in bad faith delay tactics, given out an unconscionable low settlement offer, delayed in investigating your case or paying your benefits, or if they have denied your claims for improper reasons or no reason at all, you are not alone.  The seasoned Los Angeles disability insurance attorneys at Gianelli & Morris have years of experience holding large insurance companies like MetLife to task for their wrongful claim denials and bad faith tactics.  We do not rest until you get the benefits you are owed.

Why Does MetLife Deny Disability Claims?

MetLife and other California insurance providers rely on a variety of reasons to deny disability coverage.  Some of these reasons are legitimate if properly supported.  However, even the reasons that sound legitimate are only proper if they are factually accurate.  Denial based on a misreading of the policy or deliberate ignorance of the facts is not appropriate.

Some of the reasons that MetLife and other insurance companies use to deny disability claims include:

  • Lack of objective evidence to support disability claims, especially where the symptoms are internal and hard to quantify (such as pain, anxiety, or fatigue)
  • Insufficient medical evidence
  • Failure to meet the policy definition of disabled
  • Claiming the policyholder missed a deadline
  • Privately investigating and surveilling the claimant to prove that they are not as disabled as they claim
  • Changing the definition of disability (i.e., from “own occupation” to “any occupation”)

Whatever their stated reasons for denial, MetLife must support its decision in writing.  If there are holes in its explanation or its proof, Gianelli & Morris will find it.  We do not take insurance providers at their word, and we will keep pushing until you get the benefits you are rightfully owed under your policy.

When Providers Like MetLife Wrongfully Deny Your Disability Insurance Claims, Gianelli & Morris is Ready to Help

Dealing with a disability is already a difficult and frustrating process.  The last thing you need is to battle with your insurance provider for coverage that you are owed.  The passionate insurance denial attorneys at Gianelli & Morris are here to help.  If MetLife denies a legitimate claim for disability coverage, you need an experienced insurance lawyer to force them to comply with California law.  You deserve the benefits you paid for, and we will help you get them.

If you have become disabled and your disability insurance claim has been denied by Metropolitan Life or another California disability insurance provider, contact the professional and effective Los Angeles insurance denial lawyers Gianelli & Morris for a free evaluation of your claim.  Call us today at 213-489-1600.

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