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Reassure Life Insurance Denial


The Zealous Insurance Denial Attorneys at Gianelli & Morris are Ready to Hear Your Case

Disability insurance and life insurance coverage should be one-and-done decisions.  You shop around for options, you pick your coverage, and you sign the contract.  After that, as long as you keep up with your premium payments, then you should be covered in the event that something bad happens.  After all, that’s what you paid for:  insurance, and peace of mind, should the worst occur.  Unfortunately, insurance companies see things differently.  Their business model is based on avoiding payouts, not adhering to the responsibilities they owe to their customers.

Big insurance companies like Reassure America / Jackson National Life will sometimes look for any reason to deny a claim for coverage, whether the reason is legitimate or entirely fabricated. If your Jackson Life or Reassure America claim has been wrongfully denied, or if you have been subjected to bad faith insurance conduct by Reassure or another insurance company, you can rely on the dedicated and professional insurance denial attorneys at Gianelli & Morris for assistance. Call our California insurance bad faith and claim denial legal team to find out if you may have grounds for an insurance denial appeal or a bad faith claim.

Who is Reassure America / Jackson National?

Reassure America Life Insurance Company (Reassure or Reassure America) is a New York-based provider of life insurance, disability insurance, and other financial instruments.  They offer short-term and long-term disability insurance coverage, both group and individual, among other products.

At the end of 2012, Reassure America was acquired by and merged into Jackson National Life Insurance Company (Jackson or Jackson National).  All life insurance and disability insurance formerly handled through Reassure is now handled through Jackson National, although the preexisting Reassure disability insurance team still handles claims.  If you have a policy issued through Reassure, you will likely deal with the same claim team.  Jackson should have informed you about how to pursue claims following the acquisition.

Jackson is a Michigan-based provider of insurance services and fixed income products with around $300 billion in assets.  Jackson is, in turn, a subsidiary of a British multinational insurance company known as Prudential plc (unaffiliated with the American insurance corporation Prudential Financial).

The corporate house of cards just described makes one thing clear:  Reassure, and now Jackson, are big corporations.  They care about profits, not policyholders.  If they can get away with underpaying claims, delaying payments, or denying claims based on technicalities, they will do so.  The insurance denial legal team at Gianelli & Morris is here to make sure they do not wrongfully deny you the benefits you are owed.

Bad Faith Insurance Tactics to Watch Out For

If you submit a claim under your Reassure or Jackson disability policy, you have the right to a prompt, full resolution and a written justification for any claim decision.  If your claim is denied, or if the investigation is taking additional time, you have a right to know why.  You have the right to appeal a claim denial, both internally and externally to the appropriate California governmental agency.  A seasoned insurance denial and bad faith attorney at Gianelli & Morris can help you file your claim and pursue other avenues for relief if:

  • Reassure/Jackson denies your claim without justification
  • Reassure/Jackson delays investigating your claim
  • Reassure/Jackson offers you a lowball settlement or tries to browbeat you into accepting less than your claim is worth
  • Reassure/Jackson delays paying your benefits
  • Reassure/Jackson continually sends you burdensome document requests to put off making a decision or to make you stop trying to collect
  • Reassure/Jackson denies a claim based on a misreading of the evidence or the policy language

Call Gianelli & Morris for Help After a Reassure America / Jackson National Insurance Denial

If you have been injured or have become disabled and need help pursuing a claim with Jackson National / Reassure America, or if you are seeking to appeal a disability or life insurance denial from Jackson or another insurance company in California, contact the professional and talented Los Angeles insurance denial lawyers at Gianelli & Morris for a no-cost evaluation of your claim at 213-489-1600.

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