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Jackson National Life Insurance Claim Denial

Life insurance is not supposed to be something that you worry about forever.  You shop for policies, work with an insurance agent, and purchase a policy.  After that, so long as you keep up with your premiums, you and your family know that your loved ones are taken care of in the event of your passing.

At least, that’s how it should be.  Unfortunately, many life insurance companies do not like to play by those rules.  When someone owns one of their life insurance policies and passes away, some insurance carriers look for any possible excuse to deny coverage, even if it means stretching the claim language to ludicrous lengths.  Even if it means pointing out one small typo on an application and calling it an invalidating lie.  Even if it means using underhanded tactics to ensure disqualifications.  Even if it means simply refusing to pay based on nothing at all.

Large insurance companies like Jackson National Life have been caught trying to underpay or reject otherwise valid claims.  The California life insurance denial and bad faith insurance lawyers at Gianelli & Morris are prepared to help you get the coverage you and your family are owed.  Find out if you’re a good candidate to appeal a wrongful life insurance denial or file a bad faith insurance claim by reaching out to the Los Angeles offices of Gianelli & Morris today for a free consultation.

Who is Jackson National Life Insurance?

Jackson National Life Insurance Company is a financial services company that offers annuities for retail investors and fixed income products for institutional investors.  They are a massive insurance provider, valued at nearly $300 billion as of 2020.  They offer a variety of different types of insurance policies to consumers and work with other large financial companies such as Prudential.

Do Not Let Jackson National Life Wrongfully Deny Your Claim

Customers of Jackson National Life have identified many problematic behaviors over the years.  They are known to drag their feet with all customer service, and especially when it comes to evaluating and paying out life insurance claims.  Many customers see their premiums skyrocket when going from fully employed to retired.

Moreover, like many large insurers, they have been known to deny claims in bad faith.  Jackson National Life recently faced a multi-million dollar jury verdict after engaging in egregious bad faith behavior.  The beneficiary of a life insurance policy tried to recover after the death of the policyholder.  Jackson sent the plaintiff a host of unreasonable “requirements” before payout, including signing a bunch of waivers and finding court-appointed guardians for the decedent’s minor children, and claimed that the plaintiff otherwise risked waiving her rights to the claim.  The jury found the conduct so egregious that they awarded the plaintiff millions of dollars in punitive damages, an award which was upheld by the appellate court.

If Your Jackson Life Insurance Claim Was Wrongfully Denied, Gianelli & Morris Can Help

Life insurance providers like Jackson Life are required to pay out claims that are rightfully owed under their policies.  There are specific, limited legal grounds on which life insurance providers can rely in order to deny a claim.  The majority of those grounds only apply if the policyholder passes away within two years of purchasing the policy, after which these grounds become void.  If Jackson Life denied your claim, you do not have to take that rejection sitting down.  You have the right to fight back.  You and your family deserve the benefits you paid for, and we will help you get them.

If your loved one has passed and Jackson Life or another California life insurance provider denied your life insurance claim, reach out to the zealous, detail-oriented, and trial-ready Los Angeles insurance denial lawyers Gianelli & Morris for a free evaluation of your claim.  Call us today at 213-489-1600.

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