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Hartford Life Insurance Claim Denial

Big insurance providers like Hartford Life are constantly looking for any reason to deny coverage, whether for nitpicky reasons, lack of evidence, or entirely fabricated reasons.  If you have a life insurance claim that hasn’t paid out, for any reason, you have the right to know why.  Many times, you have the right to fight back.

The California life insurance and bad faith insurance lawyers at Gianelli & Morris have years of experience helping life insurance beneficiaries get the benefits they are owed after inappropriate claim denials.  Call the Los Angeles life insurance denial attorneys at Gianelli & Morris today to find out if you’re a good candidate to appeal a wrongful life insurance denial or file a bad faith insurance claim.  Your initial consultation is completely free.

Steps to Take After a Hartford Life Denial

If your life insurance claim was denied by Hartford or another California life insurance company, you need to act to protect your rights.  Here are a few of the first steps you should take following a denial to ensure that you get the coverage you deserve.

Review the denial letter.  California insurers are required to send a letter explaining why life insurance benefits have been denied.  The letter must detail precisely why the claim falls outside of the policy or is otherwise excluded.  The letter may, for example, claim that the cause of death is excluded by the policy, that there is a lack of evidence surrounding the cause of death, that the policy lapsed, or that there were problems with the initial life insurance application.

If Hartford Life fails to send you a denial letter, or if the letter is generic and fails to provide real detail about the reasons for denial, then you might have a claim for wrongful denial as well as insurance bad faith.  Denial letters can be difficult to understand, however, without the experienced understanding of a knowledgeable California life insurance claim attorney.

Collect evidence and prepare your appeal.  If your life insurance claim has been denied, you have the right to appeal.  As soon as you get your denial letter, start building your case for appeal.  You may need additional documentation.  For example, if your life insurance claim was denied due to a lack of medical evidence, you might need to collect additional medical documentation from the decedent’s physician.  If Hartford claims that the policy lapsed, you might need to show proof of payment or other evidence that the policy was canceled inappropriately.

You may need additional evidence such as medical records, arrest records, driving records, accident reports, police reports, and others.  Keep copies of all documents relating to the claim, including communications with the insurance provider.  A seasoned life insurance denial lawyer can help you determine what evidence you need to collect in order to build the strongest case for appeal.

Get professional help.  Fighting back against a life insurance claim denial is a difficult process, requiring special expertise.  All insurance claims are different, and language in policies varies.  In order to have the best shot at getting the benefits you and your family are owed, you need professional guidance and representation.  The life insurance denial attorneys at Gianelli & Morris have decades of combined experience helping clients get the insurance benefits they are owed after negligent or wrongful claim denials.  Give us a call after your California life insurance claim is denied and let us see how we can help you get the payment you deserve.

If You’ve Been Denied by Hartford Life, We Can Help

Hartford Life and other life insurance providers have a legal obligation to pay out claims that they owe according to the terms of their policies.  Hartford is only permitted to reject a claim based on limited, specific legal grounds.  Most of those grounds for denial only apply within the first two years of a policy’s effective date.  If Hartford Life rejects your claim, you do not have to take that denial sitting down.  Your family deserves the benefits that were purchased, and Gianelli & Morris is here to make sure you get them.

If your loved one has passed away and your life insurance claim has been denied by Hartford Life or another California life insurance provider, contact the dedicated and effective Los Angeles insurance denial lawyers Gianelli & Morris for a free evaluation of your claim.  Call us today at 213-489-1600.

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