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Globe Life and Accident Insurance Company is one of the largest providers of life insurance in the United States.  Like many other insurance companies, Globe Life has demonstrated that their number one priority is their own bottom line.  Many policy beneficiaries have either been wrongfully denied the payments that they are owed, or they have been forced to go through an overly burdensome claims investigation process and asked to prove things they are not obligated by contract or law to prove.

If you are the beneficiary of a Globe Life insurance policy and you have had your claims wrongfully rejected, or if you have been subjected to other bad faith insurance tactics, you do not have to face these problems alone.  The passionate and dedicated California insurance claim denial lawyers at Gianelli & Morris are ready to help you get the benefits you are owed after the loss of a loved one.

Do Not Let Your Life Insurance Company Deny You Coverage for No Reason

Most people assume that life insurance payouts will be a simple process:  When the policyholder passes, the insurance company will take note of the death and pay the agreed amount to the beneficiaries.  Unfortunately, it is rarely so simple.  Globe Life and other life insurance providers regularly nitpick contracts and claim forms for any possible reason to deny a claim.  Claims that are triggered within two years of the policy are scrutinized especially heavily for any possibly nitpicky reason for denial.

Globe Life might deny your claim for as trivial a reason as a misspelled name, or getting one digit wrong on a social security number or address on the application.  Globe may claim exclusions about which you and the policyholder were unaware, or that are not borne out by the facts on the ground.  They could claim exclusions for drug or alcohol usage, dangerous activities, suicide, self-inflicted injury, felony behavior, or any number of other reasons.  They might throw out an entire policy because of an alleged misrepresentation on the application concerning health history that was entered years earlier, despite California law that sets a specific time period in which life insurance claims can be contested.  You should not be left with the burden of disproving their unreasonable view of the facts or the policy.

Torchmark Corporation, the predecessor to Globe Life, had a history of bad faith tactics.  They were known to sell replacement policies with smaller payouts and narrower coverage, tell policyholders that their coverage would lapse at 65 when the coverage was actually guaranteed for life, and give different prices to applicants based on their race and other inappropriate characteristics.  Do not let the new name fool you:  The unscrupulous history of Torchmark cannot simply be washed away.  If you do not have a savvy and zealous insurance denial attorney on your side, you might not get the coverage that your family paid for and that you are rightfully owed.

Insurance Denial Attorneys Fighting For Your Rights

Not all denials are committed in bad faith, but they could still lead to a complex and difficult policy dispute.  A seasoned wrongful insurance claim denial attorney can determine whether Globe acted in bad faith when denying your claim, and can work to ensure that they fulfill all of their responsibilities under the policy and the law.

The bad faith insurance lawyers at Gianelli & Morris regularly go toe-to-toe with the biggest insurance providers, and we do not back down. If they engage in bad faith tactics, we will help you hold them accountable for their conduct.

Wronged by Your Insurer? Call Gianelli & Morris for Help.

For a no-cost consultation on your California wrongful insurance denial or bad faith claim against Globe Insurance or another insurance provider, contact the Los Angeles offices of Gianelli & Morris at 213-489-1600.

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