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Was Your Life Insurance Claim Wrongfully Denied by Fidelity & Guaranty Life Insurance Company?

Gianelli & Morris is standing by to help you get the compensation you are owed!

The life insurance denial attorneys at Gianelli & Morris have dedicated decades of practice to helping Californians obtain the life insurance benefits they paid for. If you’ve been a customer of Fidelity and Guaranty Life Insurance Company, F&G, Fidelity National Financial, Fidelity & Guaranty Life Insurance Company of New York, or any other life insurance company in California, and your life insurance claim has been wrongfully denied, you are not alone. The claim denial attorneys at Gianelli & Morris are ready to help.

If your life insurance claim was denied by F&G Life, or if you’ve been subject to other insurance bad faith conduct by any California life insurance company, our Southern California insurance coverage denial lawyers are ready to hear from you.

Who Is Fidelity & Guaranty Life Insurance Company?

F&G (or F&G Life), formerly known as Fidelity and Guaranty Life Insurance Company, is a major American life insurance company. Since 2020, F&G has been a subsidiary of Fidelity National Financial, Inc. Parent Fidelity National Financial is a Fortune 500 company boasting more than $15.6 billion in revenue in 2021. F&G Life focuses on the provision of individual life insurance policies and annuities and, for its part, draws around $1.5 billion in annual revenue.

Like many other major companies of life insurance, F&G Life has a checkered past. In 2014, F&G Life settled a class action lawsuit in California alleging the company deceptively sold and marketed life insurance policies dating back to 2007. According to the allegations leading to the settlement, the company allegedly used deceptive and misleading sales presentations, and encouraged customers to obtain a mortgage on their residence in order to purchase indexed universal life insurance policies, while falsely representing these policies as “investments” or “investment plans.” Of course, F&G Life also misled customers about the costs, benefits, and terms of those policies. F&G Life downplayed the high costs of the policies to induce customers into purchasing unnecessary life insurance coverage.

Companies that deal out of both hands to squeeze money out of customers have no compunction about misleading customers in other areas to protect their bottom line. If you’ve been wrongfully denied coverage by F&G Life, or if you’ve experienced other insurance bad faith conduct by F&G Life agents, claims adjusters, or other company representatives, you are not alone. Call an experienced California insurance bad faith attorney to discuss your options.

Zealous Insurance Claim Denial Attorneys Fighting For You

The compassionate life insurance coverage lawyers at Gianelli & Morris have decades of experience holding companies like F&G Life to task for wrongfully denying legitimate life insurance claims. If your claim for coverage was denied by F&G Life, our experienced insurance denial legal team is ready to discuss your policy, your claims, and how we can get you the coverage you are owed.

Life insurance denial law firm Gianelli & Morris helps customers like you obtain the benefits you are owed after the death of a loved one. We’ll help you get the compensation you are due. We’re used to the normal excuses used by insurance companies to deny claims, and we’ll conduct a thorough review to ensure that your claims were not improperly denied. Our insurance denial attorneys are prepared to help you fight back against coverage denial based on, for example:

  • Policy lapse due to nonpayment of premiums
  • Lack of sufficient medical evidence
  • Excluded cause of death
  • Policy rescission due to a material misstatement in the original application

Life insurance companies like F&G Life may cite one or more of these reasons in their claim denial. Just because they offer a justification, however, does not make the denial legitimate. Insurance companies must follow strict California law when denying claims, including by providing proper notice to policyholders and designees. They must conduct a thorough review, fully inform beneficiaries of their progress and decisions in a timely manner, and their ultimate decision must be based on the actual terms of the policy and the actual evidence in the record. If they step out of line and deny a policy improperly, they are in violation of the law.

At Gianelli & Morris, we know that F&G Life and other life insurance companies often take a loose view of the “facts” and the words in their own policies in order to improperly deny claims. Call our insurance denial team today to find out how we can help you and your family get the coverage, and the closure, you are due.

Call Gianelli & Morris After a Wrongful Insurance Denial by F&G Life

If someone you love has passed away and your life insurance claim has been denied by Fidelity & Guaranty Life or another life insurance company in California, contact the thorough and diligent Los Angeles insurance denial lawyers Gianelli & Morris for a no-cost evaluation of your claim at 213-489-1600.

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