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Was Your MassMutual Insurance Claim Denied?

MassMutual is one of the largest providers of insurance products in the world.  They serve millions of customers and rake in billions of dollars every year.  They also have a history of shady and wrongful behavior, taking advantage of policyholders and exploiting loopholes to avoid payment on claims.  You don’t get to be one of the biggest providers of insurance and financial services in the world without caring first and foremost about your bottom line.  Paying customers what they deserve?  It sometimes feels like that comes last.

If you or a loved one has a policy issued by MassMutual and has faced a wrongful denial of benefits by MassMutual, you have the power to fight back.  The California insurance denial attorneys at Gianelli & Morris can help you get the benefits you and your family are owed, whether those benefits concern disability, life insurance, long-term care, or other benefits.

Who is MassMutual?

Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual) has been around since 1851.  They have more than 10,000 employees and five million customers worldwide.  They are one of the largest providers of insurance products in the world, ranking at number 93 on the Fortune 500 list.  They sell a wide variety of insurance products, including life insurance, long-term care insurance, and disability.  They also sell other financial products such as retirement plans and annuities.

MassMutual has faced a number of lawsuits for unconscionable conduct.  They have been accused of deliberately letting life insurance policies lapse in order to avoid paying out on claims, as well as simply denying perfectly valid claims on a large scale.  They’ve also been accused of undervaluing mutual life insurance policies in order to limit dividend payments.  While they have not been held liable in every instance, there is enough history to know that MassMutual does not always play fair with policyholders.  If you suspect that MassMutual has been less than forthcoming regarding your insurance claim, you are not alone, and you might be able to do something about it.

Don’t Let MassMutual Wrongfully Deny Your Claims

Insurance companies profit off of denying claims.  While there are legitimate reasons for denying a claim, in many cases these reasons are simply a pretext for the insurer looking for any excuse to avoid paying out on a valid claim.  The insurance denial attorneys at Gianelli & Morris have years of experience investigating and disputing claimed reasons for denial, including:

  • Policy lapse due to missed payments
  • Policy rescission due to errors in the application
  • Missing information from the medical record
  • Lack of evidence supporting a disability claim
  • Policy exclusion for type of injury (disability) or cause of death (life)
  • Allegations a policyholder is not actually disabled or is earning income on the side

Whatever their stated reasons for denying your claim, you have the right to fight back.  With help from a seasoned insurance denial attorney, you can appeal your claim internally, appeal externally to California’s insurance agency, and even take your claims to court.  If your claims were wrongfully denied, you are owed any denied benefits, and possibly additional damages depending on the nature of your claim.

Hold MassMutual Accountable for Bad Faith Conduct

Regardless of the type of policy you hold with MassMutual, the company owes you a duty of good faith and fair dealing.  If MassMutual or any other insurance provider engages in bad faith conduct, they can be held liable for the harm they caused as well as additional penalties.

The zealous bad faith insurance attorneys at Gianelli & Morris take insurance companies to task for wrongful conduct.  Bad faith insurance conduct may take many forms, such as:

  • Denying a claim without explanation
  • Unreasonable delays investigating a claim
  • Refusing to communicate with a policyholder
  • Sending burdensome and unnecessary document requests to the policyholder
  • Misconstruing the language in the policy, the facts in the medical record, or the state of medical science
  • Unreasonable delays in paying benefits owed
  • Misrepresenting policy coverage
  • Drawing out payments to induce a claimant to settle for an unreasonable amount


Have You Been Denied Coverage for a Medical Procedure by MassMutual?

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Get Help from Gianelli & Morris After a Claim Denial by MassMutual Life Insurance Company

If you have a disability and your claim has been wrongfully rejected, or if someone you love has passed and your life insurance claim has been denied by MassMutual or another California insurance provider, contact the passionate and trial-ready Los Angeles insurance denial lawyers Gianelli & Morris for a no-cost evaluation of your claim at 213-489-1600.

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