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Avoiding Life Insurance Denials: How Are You Responsible for Providing What Insurance Company Wants

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Life insurance companies like Standard Insurance Company care first and foremost about protecting their bottom line. They look for any reason to deny coverage. When you file a claim for life insurance, it’s up to you to close any gaps and avoid giving them an excuse to reject your claim. Unfortunately, that means you may need to do some legwork to collect all of the required documentation before filing your claim or shortly thereafter. When you are already dealing with the loss of a loved one, collecting such documents can feel like adding insult to injury. By relying on the assistance of a compassionate California insurance denial lawyer, however, you can file the strongest claim for coverage while focusing on your family and yourself.

Standard Insurance Commonly Denies Claims for Lack of Evidence

When you file an insurance claim for life insurance, it’s important to provide all documentation necessary to support your claim. Big insurance companies like Standard are always on the lookout for any reason to deny your claim and avoid paying out. One of the most common reasons for denying insurance coverage is a lack of evidence.

Insurance companies do not take your assertions on the claim form at face value. If you say a death was accidental, you’ll only get coverage if you can back up those assertions with the necessary proof. For life insurance claims, you might need to provide any or all of the following to support your claims:

  • Death certificate
  • Police report
  • Autopsy report
  • Toxicology report
  • Coroner’s report
  • Medical examiner’s report
  • Other medical records

These documents prove to Standard that the death actually occurred, the cause of death was covered by the policy, and that no other exclusions apply (suicide, criminal activity, preexisting conditions, etc.). The police report and other documentation may go toward proving the cause of death.

If you file a claim without the supporting documentation, Standard may contact you with a request to provide additional evidence. If you do not come up with the requisite proof, or if they do not believe the evidence is sufficient to prove coverage, they might deny your claim.

Evidence Used on Appeal

Even if Standard or another insurer persists in denying your claim after you present them with the requested evidence, it’s still worth your time to collect the evidence. You have the right to challenge a life insurance denial. If your claim was denied based on lack of evidence, you can present the evidence you have collected to bolster your claim.

Even if your claim was denied for other reasons, you can use the evidence you’ve collected to challenge the insurer’s justifications for denial. If they say the death was caused by a preexisting condition, for example, you might have medical records proving the death was caused by an accident or other event. Your insurance denial lawyer can help you appeal your claim denial and fight for your right to the coverage you are owed.

Trusted Advice and Representation for Insurance Claim Assistance and Denial Appeals

For questions about your life insurance coverage, for help challenging a wrongful denial, or for help dealing with other bad faith insurance issues in California, fight for the coverage you are owed with the help of the passionate and professional Los Angeles insurance claim denial lawyers at Gianelli & Morris. Call for a free consultation at 213-489-1600.

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