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Los Angeles Long-Term Care Insurance Lawyer

Long-Term Care Insurance Claims Attorney

For individuals who are not capable of performing basic everyday tasks such as bathing, changing, or walking on their own, they are often in need of long-term care. There is no specific age range that this type of care is limited to as people of all ages may need constant care if they are struggling with an illness or disorder. Almost 60 percent of people over 65 end up requiring this type of care. In order to make sure that your loved ones are looked after properly, they must obtain long-term care insurance which falls outside of their typical health insurance. This will cover nursing homes, hospice, assisted living situations and other types of specialized care. For those who do not need this type of living but anticipate necessitating it in the future, it is good to look into it now so that your family will not have to bear the financial burden down the road. Speak to a Los Angeles insurance lawyer from our firm today if you want to begin planning your long-term care.

Disputed Insurance Claims

If you have experienced a denial of a claim from your insurance provider in regards to long-term care, it can be frustrating. When you want to maintain proper care of your loved ones, the last thing you want to do is battle with their insurer. In some cases, they will try to insist that the individual being looked after does not need as much as care as the claim states. They will try to deny the individual claims or cancel their policy altogether if they believe that the disabled or elderly does not need assistance. Policies may even promise one thing to long-term care participants and then renege on the original contract.

Disability Insurance Lawyer in Los Angeles

Individual Disability Insurance Claims – 213-489-1600

You bought disability insurance and paid premiums every month in order to have the peace of mind that you would have income even if you became disabled and unable to work. That peace of mind you thought you purchased turns into a nightmare when you have to fight your disability insurance company to pay the monthly benefits you were counting on. To make matters worse, that fight with the insurance company comes when you are suffering from a sickness or injury, and you may be physically or mentally unable to meet your insurance company demands.

Why Choose Our Disability Insurance Lawyers?

  • Serving California policyholders for 40+ years
  • Firm AV® rated for exceptional legal skill and ethical standards
  • Free case evaluation to review your legal options
  • Legal victories against even the biggest insurance companies

Call (213) 489-1600 to request your FREE consultation with a dedicated disability insurance attorney.

Disability Insurance Claim Investigation

Disability insurance companies recognize how vulnerable you are when you are unable to work because of sickness or injury, and when you are in need of disability payments to pay your monthly bills. Insurance companies can either work with you in getting your disability claim paid, or they can treat you as an adversary and challenge the basis of your claim, the opinion of your treating doctor about your inability to work, or even dispute the extent of your disability insurance coverage. While you are too sick or injured to work, your disability insurance company may try to keep you busy full-time by filling out repetitive claim forms, forcing you to get your doctor to fill out long statements about your condition, and generally creating a paperwork roadblock to prevent your monthly receipt of disability benefits that are owed to you.

In order to handle your disability claim in bad faith, an insurance company counts on your inability to keep up with its unreasonable demands about your disability claim, as well as your treating doctor’s busy patient schedule leaving little or no time to fill our repetitive forms. That bad faith practice typically results in the insurance company blaming you for the claim denial because you didn’t provide the required information, even though your insurance company has sufficient information to pay your claim.

Hire a Los Angeles Insurance Attorney

Experiencing disability is already a traumatizing and frustrating process for any person, even without the added stress of having to fight with an insurance company. When you or a loved one are struggling with filing a claim and having it denied, do not wait to seek out an attorney. When a disability insurance company has abused the claims process in order to deny a legitimate claim, you need an experienced insurance lawyer to force the insurance company to comply with California law. The Gianelli & Morris legal team is AV ® rated with over 40 years of experience in representing insured people against the bad faith practices of insurance companies. Let us protect your rights so you can move on with your life. Call our office today: Your first visit with us is always free!

To schedule your complimentary appointment, call (213) 489-1600 today.

It may feel like it is your word against theirs and that you don’t stand a chance against a large company. This is definitely not true, especially if an attorney from our firm is there to guide you. After being in the business of insurance law since 1979, we are prepared to aid you in any way we can. Both of our attorneys have been AV® rated and are skilled at defending clients in a variety of areas. Do not wait until it is too late to receive the compensation you know is rightfully yours. We want to give you the legal representation you deserve. Contact our firm today to schedule a consultation!

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